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About IVMCC…

Each member took an INDEPENDENT decision to join other VOLUNTEERS and MONITOR patients suffering from COVID and its effects with as much virtual CARE as possible.

The pandemic may have physically distanced people but IVMCC reaches out its virtual hands to help Covid-affected patients and their loved ones manage healing at home. With the use of online chat threads such as FB messenger, our doctors and civilian volunteers are able to teach the patient and families what to monitor and how to address the challenges of their illnesses until full recovery.

IVMCC also aims to empower people with basic health information to help ease the fear that Covid-19 had brought.

The group is composed of ordinary citizens, mostly with no medical background, from different life stages, walks of life and regions in the Philippines. All united by the common goal of offering support to anyone who needs help in treating Covid-19 and its medical effects in their homes.

Blessed with compassionate doctors, loving volunteers, caring nurses and caregivers, advocacy partners, and even prayer warriors, IVMCC continues to share God’s love and give hope to our fellow men.


Heal from the pandemic one household at a time. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought great fear to the world and has challenged health systems to breaking point. IVMCC takes on the mission of bringing hope by virtually reaching out to patients to bridge necessary medical treatment at the comfort of each home.

Educate people by providing science based data on boosting the immune system and Covid-19 early treatment protocols from CDCPH, FLCCC and BIRD. IVMCC also shares information through seminars, instructional videos and social media tools to empower people with knowledge.

Assist doctors in treating patients and provide holistic care to the patient as well as the whole family through the use of home remedies and dietary recommendations approved by the attending physician.

Liberate people from fear of Covid to become proactive managers of their own health that will lead to a better and safer future for new generations.

IVMCC Community

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Our core team is bonded by their full dedication to help people in need with as much of the experience they had been blessedly equipped with.
Gi Bernardo IVMCC


IVMCC Lead Founder Gi Bernardo’s dedication for patient care started when her own mother was diagnosed with cancer several years ago. The painful journey made her more conscious and aware of health and well-being which developed her interest in natural and alternative medicine. When the pandemic broke out in 2019, she made use of this knowledge and passion to help close relations and friends. Today she hopes that through their current work in IVMCC, they can help other patients and their family members heal from the effects of the pandemic.



When it comes to patient care and strict dietary restrictions, Isay never fails to encourage patients to improve their diet and lifestyle. She makes it a priority to initiate team calls with patients to make sure all concerns are addressed.

Her compassion, experience with hypothyroidism and interest in natural and holistic treatments enable her to work well with various doctors as they take part in the patient’s journey to recovery.



Teta began her journey with the volunteers when her own grandmother needed treatment and has since paid forward by using her degree in Communication as IVMCC’s tool for social media engagement and information management. Her passion to understand and share knowledge about health springs from her own experiences as an ordinary citizen and she hopes that other people will also empower themselves with more information to make better health decisions.



Abbie‘s strength in data organization has been IVMCC’s pillar for sanity. At the beginning of the journey to put up the group, her passion and dedication to ensuring that patient information and every bit of data is secure and properly organized has helped IVMCC get on track to help more people. Her focus on patient monitoring and assistance is founded on her own experience in helping her family heal from past critical illnesses and her solid faith in God. “His power is truly made perfect in our weakness” 2 Corinthians 12:9

Doctors and Schedules

Our member doctors have their own private consultations that you may want to avail at your own convenience outside of our program. As such, they hold their own preferences for fees, clinic hours and modes of communication.
Dr. Homer Lim

   Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

   1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Dra. Fe Merced



Dr. Verna T. Reyes

   Monday - Saturday

   9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Dr. Aisha Dela Cruz

   6:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Patient Testimonials

I can’t imagine how we could possibly get through this situation without the help of IVMCC volunteers. Now we are all set and complete again with our new healthy selves.

-  Angel Llanto

Angel Llanto

My mother had high fever for almost a week, her oxygen level dropped to 79-84 and her pulse very weak. And praise GOD! In just almost a week, her oxygen level normalized and she felt better like nothing happened.

-  Eunice of Taguig City

Eunice of Taguig City

More than grateful to have a selfless group of people helping strangers get their life back. Faith in humanity restored!

-  Ariel Lim

Ariel Lim

Thank you po sa lahat ng ginawa nyo pong pagmomonitor sa health ko at paggabay para gumaling po ako. Sana po madami pa kayong matulungan na kagaya ko…maraming salamat po

-  John Paul Villavicencio

John Paul Villavicencio

Maraming maraming salamat po sa tulong nyo sa akin. Utang ko po sa inyo buhay ko. To God be all the glory! Sana palagi kayong malusog at malakas. God bless po sa inyong lahat.

-  Andro Lapinid

Andro Lapinid

I thank you for your goodness unto us.. Kahit sa panahong na nasa pakikibaka tayo ng pandemya.. Naitaguyod nyo po sa akin ang buhay na kailangan kung tawirin..

-  Allan Domo Tinga

Allan Domo Tinga

I know I wouldn’t have recuperated well and early had it not been for your guidance and knowledgeable handling of the situation. Never have I any inkling of doubt or fear under your care. I am totally safe and secure knowing I’m in good hands. You were all genuinely wonderful! Kudos to your team!

-  Greta Guevara

Greta Guevara

The round the clock monitoring and response is so much appreciated.

-  Ralph Irvin Eyo

Ralph Irvin Eyo

Thank you very much to all, especially to you who monitored us throughout this experience. It is really uplifting to know that there are people who continue to care selflessly. My family and I are deeply grateful ❤

-  Paul Ventus

Paul Ventus

Thank you for being there every hour on the hour, for your quick responses even at ungodly hours, for your steadfast comments that has kept us calm and level-headed especially during those touch and go moments! May you be able to touch and save more lives by educating the people and helping out patients that choose to get well through home care! God bless you all and keep you!

-  Balaoro Siblings

Balaoro Siblings
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