Our Volunteers

Our volunteers come from different backgrounds and phases in life who just feel that they can make a difference. If you have time to care for patients, share knowledge, pray, provide a service, simply spread the love and lend a hand.


Prof. Bicbic A.

Dr. Homer Lim
(Founding Consultant)

Atty. Agnes B.

Dr. Homer Lim
(Founding Consultant)

Prof. Bicbic A.

Atty. Agnes B.



Francis Abraham

Ted Locsin

IPK – Manuel Gonzales

Dr. Jade and Dra. Cythia Del Mundo

Cris Llamo

Eric Pangilinan

Caloocan Gas Corporation
Murphy Chu

Nexmed Pharmacy

Jentl Mnl Delivery Service

Dra. Jean Tay

Dr. Alan Landrito

Dr. Raffy Castillo

Queenie Andersen

Mel Ambas

Fidel Pelobello

Elna Retes

Evelyn Sakay

Crisel Lancara

Savina Fabregas

Partner Nurses

Maricar B.

Camz R.

Krek B.

Rey M.

Partner Caregivers

Marie H.

Joshua C.

Marilyn B.


Aine B.
Alan D.
Alan O.
Altine F.
Anne G.
Avi F.
Bea D.
Beth D.
Beth R.
Camz R.
Carol H.
Cecil L.
Chum B.
Claire B.
Connie B.
Dahl L.
Daryl Jade G.
Dianne P.
Edna T.
Elna N.

Ester L.
Eunice W.
Flore Grace A.
Fr. Padrey D.
Gelyn G.
Gene S.
Gie M.
Harry P.
Inigo T.
Jane L.
Janet G.
Jeiel D.
Joey D.
Jumax M.
Kai D.
Kam A.
Krek B.
Kris F.
Leonor T.
Lia E.

Luisa V.
Lyann P.
Mabel L.
Mafel Y.
Maricar B,
Maricel C.
Marilee S.
Marino K.
Marlene A.
Mike T.
Mimi M.
Mirla V.
Mitch G.
Mitch R.
Nadine E.
Nina E.
Nini C.
Nom D.
Nor C.
Paul I.
Phoebe L.

Pia T.
Precyllyn C.
Ptr. Bani M.
Ptra Delia G.
Ptra. Ria F.
Rey M.
Riza C.
Rosana R.
Sally S.
Sam H.
Sr. Cynthia C.
Sue T.
Tala F.
Timi N.
Veda E.
Wenky L.
Yen S.
Zsazsa V.
Cebuano volunteers during the Delta surge under Jumax Morgia

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